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  • Sarah Christie, Chaser-in-Chief

I’m the girl off with the fairies, lost in a day dream, seeking the new, plotting an escapade, pondering the curious and ogling all that is pretty. I love Paris, New York and Santorini. I live for little villages in distant lands, especially my parents’ village in Northern Lebanon, where my grandmother makes cheese, soaps, sells ice cream and pickles just about everything that can be pickled. I’m a big reader, a medium writer and a small wife, next to my tall, amazing husband, anyway. I like to shop, a little too much. I have wistful dreams of far away places and by-gone eras. I eat a lot of cake and macarons, and drink tea out of beautiful china. I love Chanel bags and Louis Vuitton ad campaigns, anything by Marc Jacobs and dresses by Review. I heart lace and pearls and diamonds. My favourite colour is blue, but pink comes in at a close second. I fancy the high life, but I am a simpleton at heart. Sometimes I read at the football, especially when my team is winning by a longshot. I believe in Christ the Redeemer. But I love fiction and myth and legend, especially when we’re talking Aphrodite, and all things beauty and love. Visit my website to read more about my work, and keep checking in here, because I really do love to share the Aphrodite wealth.


  •  Tara Anderson, Aphrodite’s Intern

I am the girl with too many thoughts and even more dreams, the one who gets a little too excited over anything and everything, whether it’s new clothes, yummy food, dressing up, great ideas and emails. I idolise many magazine alumni and talented writing peeps and spend more time than I would like to admit googling their careers.
I have a penchant for pop culture, magazines, celebrity, fashion and beauty, and dream of living the high life although I struggle to manage my lust for the new, pretty and luxurious on my student income.
I dream of people watching in far away places and count London, Greece, New York and Paris among my top destinations. I eat way too many sweets and enjoy early morning breakfasts on summer days, long and leisurely lunches and watching the moon and stars. I thrive on feeling organised and in control but I am more often than not procrastinating on Twitter, reading blogs and writing to-do lists that are never ticked off. I’m constantly searching for Aphrodite among the little things in my everyday life – because what is it that we say? Yes, it’s always the little things that make us happy.


  • Kirsten Hyam, Social Media Chaser

I’m a constant dreamer who you’ll likely (almost always) find pouring over a stack of magazines or madly typing away on my beloved laptop. As a lover of Disney, polka dots, bows and fairy bread, I am the definition of ‘young at heart’. With dreams of living the high life in a fabulous mansion on the coast, I plan to make it a reality by writing and editing – my two favourite pastimes. My love of music has led me to a full-time position with the Lyric Police* and I reserve the right to correct you if you sing the wrong words to songs I love. Fashion-wise, I love all things feminine, think lace, silk, full skirts and sweetheart necklines. I’ve also never met a block of chocolate I didn’t like. I like to seek out the little pleasures in life whether that’s an afternoon in the sun reading my favourite magazines or a big slice of chocolate cake and small chocolate milkshake (no such thing as chocolate overload for me! Okay, maybe sometimes…) I derive tiny satisfaction from knowing the difference between their and they’re, and your and you’re; and my life’s plan is the correct the world – one typo at a time.
* (may or may not be an real organisation)

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