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Our Mission:

  • Creative Copy & Quality Journalism: We know you don’t want us to drone on and on and on about something, so we try to vary up our posts and our content. Sometimes they’re letters, or diary entries, or rants. Sometimes they’re creative stories and sometimes, they’re just your average blog posts or features. So you’ll never know what you’re going to find, read, or write home about. Makes the chase a little more enthralling, no?  
  • Products not Press Releases: We get A LOT of press releases. And press releases always RAVE about the products they’re promoting. But a press release can’t really prove whether or not that new shampoo gives you Reese Witherspoon hair or if that new restaurant’s souffle is better than Paris, but we can. Which is why we will TRIAL everything we write about, even at the risk of having every PR gal in Sydney and beyond hate our guts and secretly plot our demise. 
  • Sponsors are Specified: We’d love it if we got paid for all the work we do on here, but unfortunately, we don’t. It’s a labour of love which requires hours of work and only limited perks (which we’re very grateful for). We’re also super thankful for the advertisers we do get, and the sponsors who help us merrily prod along in our chase. But, fear not of these, because we’ll always specify when and if a post in sponsored, so that you’re never in the dark.
  • It’s always a WIP: We value your feedback. Especially if it involves you sending cupcakes and flowers to our doorstep because you love us so much. Not so much? Ok, sorry! But please forego sending us dead black roses in leiu of friendly little emails that remind us of where we’re going wrong. After all, this site is always a work in progress – and we want to chase (and document) what matters to you, in a matter that you find Aphroditingly-appealing.
  • It’s gotta be relevant: Do you care about electric generators or plugs for male baldness? We didn’t think so. But we’re pretty sure you care about cocktails, holidays, cupcakes and eye cream. In fact, we’d stage a bet with anyone that right now you’d rather be reading the latest Vogue while sunbathing on a yacht in Capri, while a handsome butler fetched you cocktails and cupcakes. While we can’t promise to make that scenario a reality (but, rest assured, we’re working on it), we can tell you where the happening cocktails are being shaken, where the delicious cupcakes are being baked (and give you a low-down on each and every flavour), where you should go on holiday to this place and that, and what eye cream needs to be in your carry-on.  
  • And most of all, it’s gotta be Aphrodite: Beautiful, lovely, lust-worthy & fun. And definitely worth the chase!
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