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Do a little chasing yourself? Chasing Aphrodite is now accepting submissions for aphrodite hunts from other like-minded beauty and love chasers. Please send your outline/idea and a short bio to Sarah, our Chaser-in-Chief, and she will endeavour to get back to you within a week of submission. All work must be original, crafted in that witty Chasing Aphrodite style, include pictures, and of course, encapsulate a whole lotta something worth chasing.

Here are some of our contributors:

Steph Johnston: I grew up with one dream – to become a dancer.  When that dream didn’t quite turn out as planned, I found a new dream in writing.  Thanks to years of Years of Young Talent Time, hours at the ballet barre and begging my parents to take me to any and all musical that came to town, I have lived most of my life immersed in a world of pop culture and Aphrodite.  I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and am constantly asking questions of those around me.  It is this curiosity that led me to run away from home, once to live in America and once to live in London.  I don’t regret either for a
second.  I live for my family and friends, but I also love the colour pink, ballet, hot baths, the TV shows 30 Rock, Glee, Gossip Girl and Mad Men, my iPhone, my MacBook, my Flip, musicals, karaoke, anything shiny, Twitter, buying books off Amazon, stationary, endless cups of tea, Christmas, book shops, massages, pedicures, baking brownies, banana milkshakes, tennis, cupcakes and text messages from my Grandmother.  I still dream of being a cast member on Young Talent Time.

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