Aphrodite is in soft skin: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

Part of the perils of winter as far as I am concerned is that super-dry skin I get from standing for far too long under super-hot showers. I always plan to give them up as a result of the scaly legs I sport when the colder months roll around, even though I am smart enough to:

A) own a variety of MOR body butters and Nivea Body Creams; and
B) know that only good scales (mock or not) belong on a handbag or purse.

What I always neglect in spite of also knowing better, is the dry skin on my face, and apparently that was evident at my recent consultation with the lovely people over at Kiehl’s, because my skin consultant took one look at my cheeks before regarding me with the disapproval that was bought to Camilla when she signed the register as Prince William’s step-mummy last month.

Luckily, his looks were fair game, and I took home a 125ml tub of Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream to rectify my mistakes. And rectify them it has.

The everyday formula promises to hydrate for 24 hours thanks to its extracts of Glacial Glycoproteins and desert plants, which I clearly know nothing about because I didn’t know you could get plants in the desert. What I do know is that I’ve been using the formula for about two weeks now, a few days here and there just before bed, and my skin has undergone subtle transformation.

The cream is actually very light-weight, and absorbs so well into the skin without making it feel greasy. Better yet, I have been using it around my nose because I have the flu (and the very runny nose that comes with it) and I couldn’t handle the harshness, redness, and all-round unattractivesness that manifested itself around my nose. And it has really worked to diminish the damage.

A perfect facial all-rounder to maintain hydration and keep skin looking nice and fresh, from the New York Apothecary brand that’s been around since 1851. And don’t forget, the Kiehl’s prices have shrunk, which means that this skin-saver is down to $64 – a huge saving from its original price of $105.

MOR Aphrodite for your buck, and it’s called Dolce

Ahh MOR. I didn’t think you could get any more perfect. For one, there’s those delicious scents that make me want to eat your products even though I shouldn’t. Scents like Tonka Bean Musk, Lychee Flower, Belladonna and that ever-amazing marshmallow, which I vow to never live without. Then there’s that amazing packaging, in gorgeous bottles and pretty paper swirled with bright colours mixed with gold, and lovely ribbons and bows. Packaging that reminds me of the boudoir of a countess in a French Chateau. And the fact that you’re stocked at Myer, which means I can get Myer One points that’ll earn me vouchers towards by never-ending Lay-Bys at Review. But I stray from the point.

In short, I love you. You know it, I know it. So does my husband, and yes, the girls in the Myer cosmetics department know it too. And never in a million years did I think I could love you more, until you decided to release a range for girls on a budget, exclusively for that dashing discount department store that’s just made for diffusion lines, Target. And because a budget MOR range wasn’t fantastic enough (ie, MOR bang for your buck, which means plenty of $$$ left over for Lay-Bys), you decided to call it Dolce, for that delectable Italian sensation we like to call sweets/ confectionary.

And this range, this Dolce, is made up of three fabulous flavours that each feature a dazzling arrray of products that you have perfected in your ten year gig as the must-have brand for girls who like their body products scented and amazing. Flavours like Sorbet [Lemon, Lime & Coconut on a Vanilla base - perfect for those lasses already missing Summer, it has the Hamptons written all over it]; Honey [a cute scent for cooler climates, featuring Amber, Cotton Candy and Vanilla drizzled with honey]; and Pomegranate [my favourite scent - musk - blended with pomegranate, Raspberry and Black Currant over Jasmine & Violet].

And boy does this Dolce deliver an Aphrodite the likes of which I go nuts for! After all, we here chase beauty and love for the everyday, and the prices are not what pampering experiences are made of – because they’re just so affordable and thus perfectly suited to the everyday. The Dolce collection features (in each flavour) a soap cake (150g for $10); Hand & Body Lotion (350 mL for $15); Hand & Body Wash (350 mL for $15); Hand Cream (80 mL for $10); and fragrant candle (170g for $15).

But it gets better. Just in time for Mother’s Day, the Dolce collection also comes in Gift Packs containing a soap cake, hand cream and candle for only $30.

It’s all just Aphrodite overload. And it’s so sweet, it’s Dolce. Then again, with a brand like that behind it, I really didn’t expect anything MOR. Available in Target stores nationally from April 18th.

Until the next chase,
Sarah aka Chaser-in-Chief

The Aphrodite in…frizz-free hair

The fact that I am calling Aphrodite in frizz-free hair goes without saying. Who wouldn’t find it beautiful, lovely, and down-right amazing to wash and wear their hair, without worrying about the transformation it will make as soon as you step outside, encounter a light sprinkling of rain, or face a little environmental humidity? I mean, I’ve had friends who have done anything and everything to fight the frizz, from using irons on their hair in 1999 to embracing GHD love and now, scrambling to get their Keratin complex, without any thoughts to the after affects and absolutely no care for the formaldehyde.

But what if those hair repair pros at Schwarzkopf Extra Care told you that you could fight the frizz without resorting to electronic/magical/chemical measures? You’d laugh right? Or at least look at them sceptically as ‘Warning! Warning!’ shot through your brain in a fit of criticism. Honestly though, I would not blame you, because I did the same thing when I heard their claim, and I scoffed about it all the way into the shower…where I put it to the test. And here’s what went down:

  1. The Claim: Straighter, Glossier, Frizz-Free hair for up to 48 hours.
  2. The Product: The first of its kind, Schwarzkopf’s Extra Care Straight & Glossy range gives you longer lasting straighter hair without the use of straightening iron. The range features a shampoo, conditioner, anti-frizz serum, mousse, heat-defence spray and hair spray. So pretty much a wash + condition + treat range with a hairspray that is not sticky and actually washes out (thanks to a UV filter to protect it from environmental effects). It retails from $6.99 each for the shampoo and/or conditioner and from $4.99 each for the styling/treatment products (whee, a hair bargain).
  3. The Ingredients: How does it do this? It’s all apparently due to a revolutionary formula with precious bamboo and orchid essence that straightens hair and leaves it wonderfully shiny.  Pfft, like I care about that when there’s promise of wash and wear hair (this is what I mean about us rushing to the Keratin treatments despite the formaldehyde and such).
  4. The Test Setting: The testing of the claim took place in the high-humidity climates of Sydney, post-summer and pre-Autumn. Under any seasonal circumstances, my hair always frizzes (which is one of the reasons why I am a fan of the Meditteranean), which is never a good look as we’d all know, made worse by the fact that I have a husband who loves to poke fun at me at any given opportunity. My hair has been named the ‘Mad Scientist’ hair as a result of this frizz and its resemblance to one Albert Einstein’s hair when it’s tied up. Last year, I had the Keratin complex done to my hair in August, but it has since washed out. These days, it still frizzes, has an occasional wave to it, and is a bitch to look after. I’d chop it all off if I had the face for it and a husband who appreciated a cropped ‘do.
  5. The result: I put this product to the test on a Tuesday afternoon. By the time it dried, it was visibly straighter and smoother to the touch. The effect was subtle, but it lasted a while.  So far, I was pleased, and didn’t think the claim was a lie. Good sign, although I concede it also depends on the texture of the hair being treated (although a girl with frizzy waves might get those glossy tumbles that are incredibly trendy right now – quick, somebody try it and let me know). Overall, I was pleased, and decided it would earn itself a positive review and a more permanent place in my shower/bathroom cabinet.
  6. The surprise: This came after I washed my hair with the product a second and third time – ie, my hair actually got straighter and smoother. It looked exactly as it would have had I used my GHD (which means that if you like a little volume, you’d need to use a round brush at the roots or do that flippy hair thing). I was in love.
  7. The Verdict: This works, so there’s definitely Aphrodite in it. For time-pressed (lazy) girls like me, it is a God-send. So I beg you darlings, try it for yourself.



Screw friend set-ups, speed dating and RSVP profiles, finding your Mr Right has never been easier thanks to the latest release from those amazing Aphrodite Chasers over at Benefit Cosmetics.

Based on the premise that one never knows if Mr Right is years away or just around the corner, this teeny-tiny contraption (read: fits into your Chanel, or, ahem, your Oroton) is like a love potion guaranteed to make you look your best and brightest at all times, lest he appear out of nowhere and sweep you off your stiletto-clad feet.

All your brightening, complexion-enhancing needs are found in the make-up kit worth raving to your mum about, complete with a little dating advice (aka instruction manual) from Benefit’s Dating Doctor, Miss Thing. She’s got picking up a man who’s worthy covered with her tools of the trade:

  • Girl meets Pearl: The liquid-pink glow-maker which can be worn over make-up or on its own for an all-over sparkle, guaranteed to attract his attention 
  • Posie-Tint: Little sister of the loved world-wide Benetint, Posie-tint’s gorgeous poppy finish gives an I-have-a-secret flush of intrigue that’ll make him come over and suss you out (Plus it’s my own personal trusted lip and cheek tint, and my Mr Right is in bed next to moi)
  • Erase Paste: To erase your dating history and bad relationship demons with one swipe over blemishes, or in that pesky under-eye area – keeps him wanting more
  • High Beam: To shine the light on your new relationship and say, yes world, I’m taken, so please stop throwing rocks at my window.

On your marks, get set, chase:

If this sounds like a recipe for romance, log out of that results-less dating website and head down to your local Benefit beauty parlour to get your relationship (and face) fix for only $45. Call o2 8353 5000 for your nearest stockist.

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