L’Oreal reveals more of its make-up Studio Secrets

In 2009, L’Oreal Paris launched Studio Secrets Professional, a range of cosmetics inspired by professional makeup, so that the women of the L’Oreal) world could make themselves up in the same approach used by their favourite models and celebrities.  The range was created in close collaboration with internationally renowned L’Oréal Paris Make-up Director James Kaliardos, and L’Oréal Paris brand ambassador and supermodel Linda Evangelista, based on their vast knowledge and experience in the industry.

Upon its launch, the range featured foundations, shadows, liners, powders and more, but L’Oreal has now enriched the promise of the range by expanding it to include:

  • A Duo Sculpting Blush: This product is premised by the way that a make-up professional will use their products to enhance a model’s natural beauty, by applying contrasting colours to the cheeks. This powder duo sculpts the face too, thanks to the shape of the brush, which was specifically designed so that a lighter shade is applied to the upper cheek and a darker shade to the hollow of the cheekbones at the same time. 
  • Mascara Primer Base: Simplify your mascara’s job by applying this primer base first. It has a false eyelash effect thanks to the fibres that attach to lashes for visible lengthening and volume.    
  • 90’ Easy Mascara: Readers of beauty blogs and beauty pages ought to know by know that the only way to apply mascara is to bend the brush first, because that’s what all the pros are doing. Kidding, it’s because it aids application and allows a better result. However, there’s no need to bend thanks to this wand, the first L’Oreal product with an innovative 90° flexi-brush that bends for higher precision – allowing each and every lash to catch from the root to the very tip, lifting and curling them upon application.More time to get ready no?

The new additions to the range have already hit priceline stores, so if you’re no pro where make-up application is concerned, take note. And if you see me heading out of the store, arms full of mascara wands, don’t be alarmed. I’ve been practising for years, and yet, I still need all the professional help I can get.

What about you? Do you bend your mascara wand? Do you know how to sculpt perfect cheekbones? Don’t answer that, because if you do, I might just ask you to come over and show me…

News: Kiehl’s prices are going down, down, down, down*

* Sing to the tune of Jay Sean’s hit single for effect.

The other night, when I turned 25 but was desperately trying to forget about it because I was not ready to be a grown-up, I was invited to hear some news about cult beauty brand Kiehl’s at their Paddington store. While I was there, I talked the ear off some beauty PR gals and probably assured all of us there that I will not be granted an invite to anything again for a while. Not because I ate all the sushi they were offering us, but because they did not need to hear about my husband’s tonsilitis and the pink bike I wanted to buy for my birthday, even though I live in south-western Sydney where the transportation modes of choice where giant SUVs to match the giant wog palaces, and hotted-up ‘rexy’s’ with immensely loud speakers (that’s a Subaru WRX to you non-residents) to match the un-hotted-up mullets of the wannabe gangsta drivers. Anyway, I digress from the point (which I do alot).

What I did hear about when I managed to stop talking will alarm you all: The Kiehl’s brand was, drop your jaws for effect, LOWERING ITS PRICES. By a significant amount (not by 33 cents).

I can see some of you rolling your eyes, and I beg you ladies, stop. I know Coles and Woolies are currently engaged in a price war, but this is an American brand, therefore justifiably a bit pricier than the average Aussie-owned and made product on account of delivery and such. And yet, it was letting us in on a bargain. And on its most popular, best-selling products no less.

Some examples:

  • The ever-popular Creme de Corps, slashed from $89 to $68
  • Ultra Facial Cream from $105 to $64
  • Acai Cleanser from$55 to $36
  • Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub from $52 to $38
  • Lip Balm #1 in Pear from $19 to $12
  • Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate from $116 to $89 
  • Ultimate Man Facial Fuel from $68 to $48.

I find myself particularly impressed with this. Admittedly, I had not known much about the brand before stepping into the store but loved that it was borne out of a New Yorker’s apothecary (and the Paddington store’s layout really reflected this, which was awesome, thanks to the apothecary jars and the giant chest of many teeny-tiny drawers).  but that is just my silliness talking. (Shut up, silliness).

Anyway, I bagged myself a few different products and samples to try out and review, and booked myself in for a mini-facial in their cool relexation room, complete with old-school record player and snazzy quotes on the chalkboard. Shall trial and report back about their Aphrodite factor shortly. In the mean time, head to their store in Sydney’s Paddington and check out their apothecary-ness for yourself.

Until the next chase,
Sarah, aka the Chaser-in-Chief x

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