7 to Chase: Beauty buys for the week ahead

A mix of new releases and current faves that are definitely worth chasing:


Bloom’s Gypsy Glamour collection: Drop layers, Peter-Pan Collars on long, pussy-bow blouses in floral prints. Lace. Floaty dresses worn with lace-up ankle boots. Long midi-skirts. Fashion this season is all about bohemian grunge and glamour, and the beautiful people over at Bloom have responded to the trend with a collection of beauty buys that are SO Autumn 2011. Get the ethereal and dreamy look with warm desert eye colours, on eyes that are rimmed in khol, and complete the look with a rosy flush, slightly bronzed complexion, and luscious lips in nudes and peachy colours. These perfect winter updates to your make-up cabinet start from $24 for the multi-purpose Sheer Colour Cream, with the priciest item being the Cream Bronzing Duo at $38. Expect to pay $25 for eyeshadows and lipglosses and $28 for lipstick. We’re loving the Khol Liner Pot in midnight black gel – at only $25, it’s a dream to use and comes with an inbuilt brush for on-the-road application. Well, such is the gypsy life!

2.Shop Loves Kit Nail Polish in Sunset: We love free nail polish almost as much as we love our Nannas, and when it’s by the trendy peeps at Kit, we know we’re getting a good deal (glossy and long-lasting, it is). Buy the May issue of Shop Til You Drop magazine, tear out the paper inside, take it to your nearest Kit counter, and voila, a full-size bottle of polish is yours in that dreamy colour hand-picked by those beauty gurus over at Shop. Just as pretty as staring at a real sunset. Well, almost.

3. Steamcream in Vinyl: Still with Kit Cosmetics, we’re loving the latest multi-purpose cream they’re stocking, in two uber-cool, limited-edition tins (one that’s modelled after a rocking record (Vinyl) and the other a bright companion with a peacock on it (Gaudy). Steamcream is convenience in a cream that’s good for your skin, thanks to its steam-infused manufacturing process to help lock in all the good bits that your skin needs – think oatmeal, lavendar oil and orange flower water. The best bit? Its 75g, which means it’s perfect for the on-the-go moisture. $24.95 at Kit and Mecca Maxima. It’s also won ‘Beauty Insider’s Choice’ in the Cosmetic Executive Awards in the UK. And really, it feels like a dream (and smells so pretty too).

4. Dermalogica Concealing Spot Treatment: From the team that delivers smooth skin thanks to their Daily Microfoliant (a personal fave), comes an upgraded and updated version of the Medi-Bac clearing range’s concealing spot treatment. The original formulation, which came in a glass bottle-dropper, has been modified to a creamier, more highly concentrated product that’s easier to apply for a flawless finish that disguises – and treats – those wretched blemishes. $40.

5. Face of Australia Tinted Moisturiser: I’m a big fan where tinted moisturisers are concerned. I prefer their feel over thicker foundations, and to help them set, I always dust them with a light coating of Benefit’s Hello Flawless. What bothers me is that tinted moisturisers will either come in one or two shades, so you can imagine my joy upon discovering that Face of Australia has really jumped on the realistic beauty wagon and released its tinted moisturiser range in three shades – light, medium and dark. I can’t believe no one else realises how much this makes sense. Kudos to you, FOA. [Note: I'm fair, so I have always gotten away with using most shades. But it just makes sense to have more than one].

6. MOR Black Emporium Collection Soap in Tonka Bean Musk: You all know how much I obssess over this brand, who I sincerely believe can do no wrong. Everytime I discover a new scent, I want to proclaim it from the rooftops, but usually resort to doing on Twitter to via a conversation with my sister or mother-in-law. My latest fave is one of their most recent releases, Tonka Bean Musk, which smells so good I want to eat.; Pretty bad that it’s called a cake of soap, aye? MOR’s soaps are enriched with Vitamin E and Shea Butter, so they’re not harming your skin either. And there’s more where that scent came from with many fragrances making up their current range. In addition to my permanent love affair with Lychee Flower and Marshmallow, I’m also currently loving Feijoa Lime. Check out their website or go to a Myer store to smell for yourself. Soaps are $19.95.

7. EyeMajic from Glam Beauty Bar: Imagine not having to fuss around with pots and compacts and powders and brushes when you apply your eyeshadow, doing it in under 2 mins and making it look as though it was expertly applied? This was the dream that Grace Mommone had when she appeared on Oprah in 2007 to showcase eyemajic, her miracle eyeshadow application method that was just about applying and swiping. Eyemajic is now available exclusively in packs of 2 or 5 in Victoria’s Glam Beauty Bar, as well as on their website and comes in a variety of colours – the applicator is even biodegradable.


Colour Wheel

Outside is grey and gloomy, but your outlook needn’t be the same. Brighten things up a little bit with the latest bursts of colour…outrageous application optional.

1. Kit Cosmetics ‘Capture the Moment’ Nail Polish Quartet ($29.95):  Stemming from one of Kit’s latest (and brightest) collections, this nail polish kit comes with four mini polishes in the aptly named High Impact (pink); Play Down (purple); Let Loose (yellow) and Phase In (blue). They may come in at 9mL each, but at least they won’t break the bank. Here’s hoping that some of their spirited names will translate. I could really do with some down time. Visit www.kitcosmetics.com to see more from the Capture the Moment range, and to shop online. [Read more...]

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