Aphrodite is…the perfect mobile companion

I’ve never had an i-phone. But before you gasp in horror, let me reassure you that I’ve never been without a variety of Apps, mobile email and social networking, synchronisation across a number of different platforms, and the feeling that I am part of the future. Complete with an amazing 5 megapixel camera (which, from memory, is actually superior to the one on an iphone, and thus perfect for a mobile blogger).

This all thanks to the mobile alternative, the Android-run Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 that I’ve had for just over a year, and which has never disappointed me in terms of function or aesthetics. So I am thrilled that there’s a new version on the planet – the newer, cooler Sony Ericsson Xperia ARC, as well as the Telstra-exclusive NEO and the made-for-the-gaming-enthusiast PLAY.

I’m already a fan of the Xperia range, but in the name of Aphrodite research, I headed out to the launch of the three new mobiles to have a play with them, and suss out their Aphrodite factor. For those who want similar capabilities to an i-phone but in a mobile that’s further tailored to their uniqueness, check these out (the ARC & PLAY should be released within the month, while the NEO will be out in July):

  • ARC: This sleek and slim smart phone is only 8.7mm (at its thinnest), can access over 100,000 apps and utilises the best of Sony technology—previously reserved for cameras and BRAVIA TVs. Snap amazing photos and videos thanks to the award-winning Exmor R™ mobile sensor that’s designed specifically to capture in low light on the 8.1 megapixel camera. View them later on the wide and glossy 4.2 inch multi-touch screen. And walk in style with a well-designed, visually appealing, jam-packed phone that is the ultimate entertainment experience.


  • PLAY: Prefer to combine your phone with the closest thing you can get to a mobile console? Xperia PLAY allows you to experience a super powerful and classy smart phone, over 100,000 apps and the added bonus of a slide-out PlayStation certified game control that will have you topping your high-scores in no time in Guitar Hero, or any of the other 50 games it’s been launched with. I want to buy it for The Husband just so he’s distracted with something when I’m in Forever New.


  • NEO: Available exclusively on Telstra’s Next G network, NEO’s the one you need to shoot superb pictures in bright sunlight, low light conditions and fast moving HD video thanks to its in-built multimedia technologies. You can even connect it to a compatible HDMI TV to see your work on a big screen! It features a strikingly bright and sharp 3.7inch display that’s powered by Sony’s Mobile BRAVIA® Engine, and runs on the latest version of Google Android™ 2.3 (Gingerbread) providing access to more than 150,000 apps via Android Market™, including ‘Vignette’ for adding special effects to your images.

Seeing as I am already a happy Xperia customer, I am looking forward to making the ARC mine, sooner, rather than later. I love not having the same phone as the remainder of the population…and I love not having to cart my camera around EVERYWHERE I GO. I mean, there’s only so much you can fit in a clutch purse (this is coming from the girl who is carrying the equivalent of carry-on luggage in her amazing blue leather Hobo satchel).

So what do you think Chasers? Do any of these babies appeal to you? Can they compell you to part with your i-phones? What do you find appealing about smart phones in particular? They certainly don’t make me feel any smarter, in fact, they’re contributing to the decline of my brain cells. But I love ’em anywayz. Drop us a line and let us know…and we’d love some feedback if you buy them., at least, while we’re still contracted out to our phone companies anyway!


A few hours AFTER I blogged this, I got a call from the peeps at Sony Ericsson who wanted me to have a try of the ARC and see how it compares with my current model. So yesterday afternoon, I thankfully accepted a package with the phone and all its gadgets inside, and spent the evening having a play of it and getting used to it (it is fairly different from my current Sony model). It will be on loan to me for about three weeks, and once I have played with, sampled, tested and critiqued every aspect of its skinny technological existence (it’s totally fat on the inside, when you consider all the things it can do), I will document them for you in slightly more detail. So if you’re considering moving to the Sony Ericsson camp (go you – who wouldn’t want an immaculate portable camera or game console), you better stay tuned.

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