The Aphrodite in…MakMak

I’m a big fan of traditions. Easter traditions included. Which means a meat-free Good Friday, Hot Cross Buns, boiled eggs and chocolate feature prominently in my life around this time every year. And people who follow me on Twitter or read my blog Wordsmith Lane will be more than aware that I am also quite partial to macarons*, especially if they’re creative (in flavour), affordable and local. So you can imagine my joy a few weeks back when I discovered MakMak Macarons, which deliver a dozen macarons to Sydney for only $35 ($25 if you pick ‘em up yourself) – pretty reasonable if you ask me, and trust me, I am a credible source to be making that kinda claim.

After discovering the MakMak brand during my online adventures (aka procrastination sessions), I naturally signed up to their newsletter, wanting to find out more on the brand and its gluten-free, premium macarons which come in a variety of seasonal flavours including pavlova, strawberry shortcake, raspberry yoghurt, black sesame and more. And then two days ago I received a fabulous surprise in the form of an email: news that MakMak has ventured towards a rather fine and exciting twist on Easter tradition, releasing two new flavours including a Peanut Butter & Belgian Chocolate macaron (you have permission to swoon, I did, it’s blue!) and a Hot Cross Bun macaron.

The first thing I did was get in touch with Carlos, the man at the helm of the operation, and arranged to go collect a sample pack to try. You know, for you Aphrodite Chasers. Just to let you know whether or not there was Aphrodite in them and whether or not they were worth chasing up. And oh my darling chasers, they were. And it’s not just me talking, but also Jenny & Sandra, the test panel I gathered at my house last night to give their own expert verdict on the macarons during the course of a swanky little tea party for three.

And the verdict was: Absolutely Worth Chasing! So delicious, the perfect texture, an amazing blend of colour and flavour and hard shell and soft ganache. You could taste the rich choc and the peanut butter, see the fruit bits in the Hot Cross flavour, and even taste it as though you were eating a variation of the bun itself. Here’s a snap of my selection not photoshopped…and me digging into them…

Hurry up, darlings, get in quick before you miss the rabbit. Details below:
MakMak Macarons - call 0432 501 852 and try for yourself. Twisted traditions have never been so inviting!

* Massive Understatement.

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