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Hello fabulous reader! You look really pretty today. And smart. I bet you’ve got your chase on.

Huh? What are you talking about?
Well if you had your chase on, you would have noticed that you’ve arrived at this fledgling little webzine that’s recently burst onto the scene, promising its readers all things beautiful, lovely, lust-worthy and whimsical in cleverly-written copy and true-to-life photography. From people who are actually sampling, reviewing and critiquing what they’re writing about. We say fledgling because it’s new, and it’s still taking its vitamins (getting out there and sharing its fabulousness) in order to grow and blossom into the perfection that forecasters everywhere say it is going to be.

I’m not following you?
Oooopsie! Here’s how to catch up to other chasers, fast: This is Chasing Aphrodite and it’s an online magazine slash lifestyle website slash blog that’s named after the mythical goddess of beauty and love, and the hunt of finding everything she’s represented in. It’s all about seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses, critiquing all the latest and greatest products, and writing about what is worthy in everything from overseas travel destinations and new beauty products to cool experiences and culinary delights.

That’s pretty exciting, tell me more:
Oh you’re far too clever, making us work for your favour! Chasing Aphrodite is fairly new and still has a lot more room to grow, so we’re slowly working with it. Our first few posts have featured new beauty products, some cool places to shop/eat/play, experiences such as Bridge Climb and more. We’re hoping to expand into a Teen Aphrodite section, YouTube Videos, Newsletters and more, but for the time being, our categories are on eating and drinking; home and lifestyle; style and beauty; the Culture Club; travel and experience, and more.

Nice. But what’s this chase got to do with me?
Well, seeing as you’re a reader who wants the best of everything beautiful and lovely, we think you should subscribe. Follow us on Twitter. Like our Facebook Page. Comment on our posts. Buy us Chanel Bags. Only if you want to. But you totally should.

Err, thanks. But let me re-phrase:What’s in it for me?
Being in the know, of course! And thus knowing what is cool and new and lust-worthy before all your other friends. And having the chance to win prizes. And seeing what we eat and where we go and what we buy, because we’re so cool and all.

Right. Well, how do I know you’re credible?
Well, if this is how you want to play, so be it! Our Chaser-in-Chief has loads of experience in the media industry, and writing is something that she knows well. Visit www.sarahayoub.com and see for yourself.  She’s written for Madison, CLEO, Shop Til You Drop, Sunday Magazine, Yen, Girlfriend, Frankie, ABC Unleashed, The Punch and more. She’s also appeared on the panels of writer’s festivals, media industry days and headed up journalism workshops for the likes of The Walkley Foundation, Vibewire, the NSW Writer’s Centre and more. She’s been on radio & TV, discussing everything from the representation of Middle-Eastern people in the media (smart stuff) to Gen-Y (topical stuff) to the hype surrounding the Sex & the City movie sequel (trivial stuff). Sarah got the magazine-writing buzz when she sold her first article to Girlfriend as a uni student and she hasn’t looked back since. Except once, and it was only for a fleeting second when she thought she would be cast in the new Superman movie. Nowadays, she’s turning her attention online and hoping that this paragraph would finish before you all start to think she’s a little self-obsessed.

In a nutshell?
Chasing Aphrodite is new, so our status isn’t gold yet, but it’s bronze going on silver and soon enough it will be platinum, so you’ll want to jump on the bandwagon now. The concept itself has a lot of motivation and dedication behind it, as well as a wonderful (and growing) team. Example: We’ve also just scored ourselves a London Correspondent, so yes, we’re going places. Physically and metaphorically.

Ok, I get it. Where do I sign?
Nowhere silly! This is not a contract! Just a plea to consider us as part of your daily reading list.  By you know, subscribing and following and checking in to say hi every once in a while day. And by loving us until the end of time, because that’s what Aunty Aphrodite wants.
Happy Chasing! All our love, Team Aphrodite xx

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